"An integral Musician with an immense culture"
(Leo Brouwer)


Sef Albertz's music is now published and distributed exclusively by Universal Edition (UE).

"[...] a unanimous decision after reviewing your scores [...] we consider your work to be very interesting [...] We are very much looking forward to distributing your work and are excited about your future artistic activities!".

Thus commented the Universal Edition's Artistic Committee on Sef Albertz's music and the new artistic partnership, which includes the publication of orchestral and chamber music as well as works for solo instruments, such as some of those included on the highly praised new album In the Secret of the World, in which pianist Anna-Maria Maak plays exclusively world premiere recordings of works by Sef Albertz & Krzysztof Penderecki.

Check out Albertz's profile on the website of the prestigious publishing house under:


...and the wonderful feedback continues! This time the German Klassikblog Ouverture reports about Maak & Albertz's new album In the Secret of the World, in which Anna-Maria Maak plays exclusively world premiere recordings of piano works by Sef Albertz & Krzysztof Penderecki:

"[...] in Sef Albertz's music, compositional ideas, atmospheric images, continents and centuries flow into one another [...] and contemplation meets passion. Anna-Maria Maak proves to be a brilliant interpreter of his complex works.

[...] the multi-faceted album reaches beyond the medium of music; it is also worth reading the titles of the pieces attentively and taking a look at the booklet. Here it becomes evident that the creative concept of Maak and Albertz, in good Leipzig tradition, is not least a deeply romantic one. In 1835, Joseph Freiherr von Eichendorff wrote: "Sleeps a song in all things / Which dream on and on, / And the world begins to sing, / If only you find the magic word".



Der Sächsische Musikrat (SMR) hat Maak & Albertz einen hervorragenden Yamaha Konzertflügel als Dauerleihgabe zur Verfügung gestellt.
"Wir sind dankbar und fühlen uns sehr geehrt. Der Erhalt dieser überraschenden Nachricht war ein Highlight. Nun sind wir besonders inspiriert und motiviert. In unseren vielfältigen Tätigkeitsbereichen als musikalische Vermittler wird sich dies sicherlich auf facettenreiche Art und Weise widerspiegeln!", so Maak & Albertz.

Der Erwerb des Instruments wurde ermöglicht durch Steuermittel auf der Grundlage des vom Sächsischen Landtag beschlossenen Haushaltes.

The Saxon Music Council (SMR, in German) has provided Maak & Albertz with an outstanding Yamaha Concert Grand Piano on permanent loan.
"We are grateful and very honoured. Receiving this surprising news was a highlight. At this point we are especially inspired and motivated. And this will certainly be reflected in our many areas of activity as musical mediators in a multi-faceted way!" said Maak & Albertz. 

The purchase of the instrument was made possible by tax funds based on the budget passed by the Saxon state parliament.

El Consejo de Música de Sajonia (SMR, en alemán) ha puesto a permanente disposición de Maak & Albertz un extraordinario piano de concierto Yamaha.
"Estamos agradecidos y nos sentimos muy honrados. Recibir esta sorprendente noticia fue todo un acontecimiento. En este punto, estamos especialmente inspirados y motivados. Y ello, ciertamente, se verá reflejado de forma polifacética en nuestros amplio ámbito de actividad como mediadores musicales", han comentado Maak & Albertz.

La compra del instrumento fue posible gracias a los fondos fiscales basados en el presupuesto aprobado por el parlamento del estado de Sajonia.

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The German online Magazine KulturAspekte reports about Maak & Albertz's new album In the Secret of the World, in which Anna-Maria Maak plays exclusively world premiere recordings of piano works by Sef Albertz & Krzysztof Penderecki:

"...a listening experience with musical demands but light-footed character. Peace and relaxation [...] but also joy and pleasure through the exciting arc of the music. For a longer musical enjoyment there is also a piece of almost fifteen minutes, 'Like Flames In A Shadow Riddle', which is both the opening and the highlight of the album.

Another recommended track is 'Ludovicus and the Allegories of the Sea - Part III', which experiments with dissonances and alternates them with harmonies in just under two minutes to make the rough, surging sea sonically perceptible. Anna-Maria Maak demonstrates her abilities with the demanding composition by Albertz, which challenges the pianist with a wide variety of playing techniques and tempi".


Extract from a great review of Maak & Albertz's newest album In the Secret of the World on German Podcast Feuilletöne.

Some extracts in English:

"Such a super exciting recording. So much sounded so familiar. A beautiful mixture of different influences. In a way, a very modern but still very familiar sounding album full of musical discoveries, one must say.

And the music of Sef Albertz, it has something light, lively, so I liked it very much. And if rhythmic, then Sef Albertz is always very light and never heavy. Always swinging. This is your album, listen to it! It's really embracing, it's good to you.

Let yourself be impressed by Anna-Maria Maak, let yourself be impressed by a pianist who doesn't play herself into the centre, but who puts the music into the centre. That's already a lot of fun. She does that in a really great way. She is a fantastic pianist, a pianist who puts her playing at the service of the compositions.
That's just fantastic, that's really great".

Full Audio HERE
(only German)


Sonorous inauguration of the concert hall

MaakAlbertz full house release concert in Meiningen (Oct. 15) presenting their brand new album In the Secret of the World.

"The piano recital inaugurated the recently finished venue [...] With her fascinating programme, Anna-Maria Maak ensured that it would also be a very special musical experience".

"The concert hall stopped breathing [...] The audience was very touched and enthusiastic".

"A wide range of playful skills and compositional diversity [...] A first-class artist and a moving programme".

Full text HERE (only for newspaper subscribers)


"What the artist lets us hear is overwhelming [...] A moving concert, [...] and special because, thanks to Anna-Maria Maak's brilliant interpretation and Sef Albertz's creative compositions, it stimulates and transports feelings. And because it rightly provokes abundant applause".

An extract from another great review (Südthüringer Zeitung) on Maak & Albertz's release concert in Thuringia (Suhl, Oct. 1st) presenting their new album In the Secret of the World, in which Anna-Maria Maak plays exclusively world premiere recordings of piano works by Sef Albertz & Krzysztof Penderecki.



on 'Meet the Artist' series

"Live in the beauty of the incredible reality that music represents"

Anna-Maria Maak talks about repertoire choices, challenges, successes and influences in her career. Also on her unique artistic collaboration with composer Sef Albertz and their brand new album In the Secret of the World.

The text is accompanied by extensive audio-visual material. Read the full interview HERE.


The newspaper Südthüringer Zeitung reports about Maak & Albertz's upcoming release concerts in Thuringia and the new album In the Secret of the World, in which Anna-Maria Maak plays exclusively world premiere recordings of piano works by Sef Albertz & Krzysztof Penderecki.



of sold out concert in Leipzig

"Anna Maria Maak won everyone over with her sovereign, friendly and natural presence even before the first note.

The music then came upon us suddenly like a natural phenomenon.
[...] many facets of feeling from stirring, gentle, melancholic, dance-like to powerful. A reverent silence reigned in the hall; It gave the impression as if each one was absorbing the tones like long-desired water".


The premiere concert on September 17 in Leipzig is SOLD OUT...!

This first event coincides exactly with the worldwide release (digital and physical) of the album In the Secret of the World, which includes all world premiere recordings of piano works by Sef Albertz and Krzysztof Penderecki. This production is now completing a large artistic concept started by Maak & Albertz with their 2018 successful first album Resplendences around Bach.

Both recordings are HERE and HERE available on label Florentyn Music


from the upcoming album 'In the Secret of the World'.
Series curated by
Anna-Maria Maak & Sef Albertz


BUY Maak & Albertz's new Album 'In the Secret of the World'


CD & Streaming | Sept. 17, 2021  (Pre-Order)
Pianist Anna-Maria Maak plays an All World Premiere Recording 
with music by Sef Albertz and Krzysztof Penderecki

With In the Secret of the World the artist couple Maak & Albertz spans a dramaturgical arc and completes a large artistic concept that started with the previous 2018 production Resplendences around Bach:
...a recording that comes up with interesting as well as innovative ideas
(PIANONews, June 2019).

The concept album features exclusively world premiere recordings of the intercultural music of German-Venezuelan composer Sef Albertz and Krzysztof Penderecki's first solo piano music - the result of a collaboration between the late Polish composer and Maak & Albertz.

The whole release brings together a musical kaleidoscope of multi-faceted and moving piano works: A creative approach to the exploration of identity and the truthful perception of the artistic phenomenon.
Along with the influences of Bach, Beethoven and other music creators, Ibero-American culture, pop and electronic music also find their place in this album. Thus, the artistic-creative discourse transforms into a cosmopolitan vision.

With our music we move in the secret of the world without the urge to unveil a secret, but in the perception of these inexplicable, deep sensations that enrich the experience of life and human connections”, comment Maak & Albertz. 


On July 22, as part of the Series 'Music from Saxony', Anna-Maria Maak will be playing a live streaming concert
with music by Sef Albertz, J.S. Bach, J. Brahms, R. Schumann & K. Penderecki
at the beautiful Albrechtsberg Castle in Dresden.

The project hat been developed by the New York Streaming Platform Dreamstage
with the support of the Saxon Ministry of Culture and Moritzburg Festival.




October 16, 2021 | All day Event
Max Reger Konservatorium Meiningen

Album 'In the Secret of the World'

October 15, 2021 | 7:00 p.m.
Struppsche Villa, Max Reger Konservatorium Meiningen
Music by Albertz, Bach, Brahms,
Schumann & Penderecki.


October 2, 2021 | All day Event
Music School 'Alfred Wagner', Suhl

Album 'In the Secret of the World'

October 1, 2021 | 6:00 p.m.
Rathaus Suhl

Music by Albertz, Bach, Brahms,
Schumann & Penderecki.

Album 'In the Secret of the World'

September 21, 2021 | 7 p.m.
Schwartzsche Villa (Berlin Steglitz)

Music by Albertz, Bach, Brahms,
Schumann & Penderecki.

Album 'In the Secret of the World'

September 17, 2021 | 7 p.m.
Stadtbibliothek Leipzig (Leuschnerplatz)

Music by Albertz, Bach & Penderecki.

'In the Secret of the World'

July 22, 2021 | 7:00 p.m.
As part of the Series 'Music from Saxony'.

Music by Albertz, Bach, Brahms,
Schumann & Penderecki.

(BUY Online Ticket)


July 30, 2021 |
art Kapella Schkeuditz

The Composer’s studio
Anna-Maria Maak plays and talks about works of
and with composer Sef Albertz.


July 17, 2021 |
Schloss Albrechtsberg (Dresden)

LIVE Video Recording of the Piano Recital
'In the Secret of the World'.
With Music by Albertz, Bach, Brahms,
Schumann & Penderecki.
An initiative of the Moritzburg Festival


July 11, 2021 | 2:00 p.m.
Chapel of Parkfriedhof Plagwitz (Leipzig)

Piano Recital, Closing Event of the Art Symposium 'Gespiegelte Zeit' (Mirrored Time).
Music by Sef Albertz, Lily Boulanger, Mélanie Bonis
& Krzysztof Penderecki.


July 09, 2021 | 3:00 & 5:00 p.m.
Chapel of Parkfriedhof Plagwitz (Leipzig)

The Composer’s studio
Anna-Maria Maak plays and talks about works of
and with composer Sef Albertz.

As part of the Art Symposium 'Gespiegelte Zeit'
(Mirrored Time) organized by GEDOK Leipzig.


Juni 22, 2021 | 10:00 a.m. - 6:00 p.m.

art Kapella Schkeuditz

Workshop, Lecture & Recital 'Damals und Heute - Tonschöpfer in und um Leipzig' (Then and Now - Sound Creator in and around Leipzig).

Music by Albertz, Brahms, Janacek,
Schumann & Mendelssohn.

Project supported by the Kulturstiftung des Freistaates Sachsen (Cultural Heritage Foundation of the Free State of Saxony).




Anna-Maria Maak's new album 'In the Secret of the World' brings together a musical kaleidoscope of piano works, which reflect a multifaceted and moving expression of new classical music. The album is an all world premiere recordings of compositions by Sef Albertz and Krzysztof Penderecki, which have been inspired by Bach, Beethoven, Latin American, pop and electronic music.
The recordings were completed in January 2021 and the worldwide release (digital and physical) will be on September 17th, 2021 under the label Florentyn Music.



The traditional Germany-wide competition takes place at regional and state level as an online competition due to the pandemic.
Sef Albertz is member of the jury on March 27/28.


Selected by the
Saxon State Chancellery

Sef's composition «In the Secret of the World», which gives the title to the new album by Maak & Albertz, was selected for a music video production, which will be presented by the Saxon State Chancellery (Sächsische Staatskanzlei) through the campaign «So geht sächsisch - Kultur digital» commissioned by the Saxon government!

The Staatskanzlei commented in this regard:

„We really like the project idea and your music [...] We are therefore happy to fully support the production of the music video «In the Secret of the World»“



New album: Leipzig duo explores the „Secret of the World“

Newspaper Leipziger Volkszeitung

„[...] sparkling piano music, which is to lead the audience to the edge of their own horizon and a little bit beyond [...]



The musician couple at MDR Klassik Radio (audio in German)


In just under 3 weeks, more than 100 supporters
made possible the new production
through a successful crowdfunding campaign:

Keep your courage - despite uncertain times!
This is the message of the new piano album
« In the Secret of the World »
by Maak & Albertz,
it's an artistic response...!


Maak & Albertz
The New Piano Album

Den Mut behalten - trotz ungewisser Zeiten!
Diese Botschaft vermitteln wir mit dem neuen Klavieralbum « In the Secret of the World »,
es ist eine künstlerische Antwort.
Nun soll es den Weg in die Welt finden - gemeinsam mit Dir können wir es schaffen!


Supported by the Leipzig Department of Culture (Kulturamt Leipzig) and curated by Anna-Maria Maak, the German pianist presents virtual episodes with
LIVE performances of 'Resplendences around Bach'
- her celebrated concept album
with music by J.S. Bach & Sef Albertz.


New World Premiere

Sef Albertz has composed a new work for solo piano (ca. 15 min.),
which Anna-Maria Maak will premiere and include
in her recitals during the 2020-21 Season.
The work habe been possible by a grant from the Kulturstiftung des Freistaates Sachsen (Cultural Heritage Foundation of the Free State of Saxony).

Beethovens Geist
(Recital postponed
due to COVID-19)

Anna-Maria Maak will be presenting on April 23 (2020) at Händel-Haus in Halle (Saale) her new recital 'Beethovens Geist', which includes the exclusive performance of Krzysztof Penderecki's first solo piano music (premiered by her at the beginning of 2019) as well as 'Ludwig and the Allegories of the Sea' by Sef Albertz, a new composition to commemorate Beethoven's 250th anniversary.

in completely sold-out concert 

Alongside a sublime performance of Mozart's Piano Concerto KV 466, Anna-Maria Maak played the solo part in the new orchestral composition by Sef Albertz 'The World through Emilia's Dreams
with the Kammerphilharmonie der Universität Stuttgart, which commisioned the work.
What an enthusiastic response from the Stuttgart audience!


"GEMEINSAM GROßES SCHAFFEN" (Creating great things together)

2020 begins with a great four-page article in the prestigious magazine PIANONews about the artistic career of Anna-Maria and
her creative collaboration with composer Sef Albertz.
In addition, Anna-Maria's upcoming projects with Sef's music and
the world premiere recording of Penderecki's first solo piano music.
The magazine is available in Germany, Austria,
Luxembourg & Switzerland.



Accompanied by the Kammerphilharmonie der Universität Stuttgart, Anna-Maria will play the solo part in Sef Albertz's most recent orchestral work, which has been inspired by nature and
also by the other works that complete the concert program
(Mozart's Piano Concerto KV 466 and Beethoven's Third Symphony).
The composition was commissioned by the Kammerphilharmonie 
and was written for Anna-Maria.


On the Road

Anna-Maria Maak continues to present the repertoire of the album Resplendences around Bach: This time, including exclusively the performance of Krzysztof Penderecki's first solo piano music,
which she premiered worldwide in early 2019.
Also, she will be presenting new compositions by Sef Albertz
in advance to 'Beethoven Year' 2020.


Feb. 15, 2020 | Vaihingen (Stuttgart)
Mozart Piano Concerto N° 20 & New Concertante Work of Sef Albertz
Kammerphilharmonie der Universität Stuttgart

Jan. 19, 2020 | 14:00 | Galerie art Kapella (Schkeuditz)

Dec. 15, 2019 | 16:00 | House Concert in Schlachtensee (Berlin)
As part of 'Beethoven bei uns'

Dec. 14, 2019 | 17:00 | Lange Klaviere (Weimar)
with World Premiere of Sef Albertz as part of 'Beethoven bei uns'

Dec. 8, 2019 | 19:00 | Salle de Pologne (Leipzig)

Nov. 13 & 14, 2019 | 20:00 | Wein Galerie (Leipzig)

Oct. 8, 2019 | 19:30 | Villa Najork (Leipzig)
with World Premiere of Sef Albertz

Sef Albertz is working on sketches for a new orchestral work (certainly including the piano!).
The work has been commissioned by the Kammerphilharmonie der Universität Stuttgart.
Anna-Maria Maak and the orchestra will premiere the new composition in February 2020.





(From sold-out concert)
Pianist Anna-Maria Maak
playing the music of Sef Albertz
with the
MDR Sinfonieorchester
under Kristjan Järvi
at the 'Festival of Light'

"Leipzig surrendered to the music of the Venezuelan Sef Albertz"
(Newspaper 'El Universal')



Sef Albertz written
a new chamber music work
commisioned by The Andalucian Council & The Manuel de Falla Chair.

About the premiere: "What a piece
of music! Impressive composition
with a theme entirely appropriate
for our Festival. Fantastic...!"
(Manuel Ferrand, Director of the Spanish Music Festival of Cádiz)



Resplendences around Bach
(ranked No. 1 on the German charts: iTunes & Soundcloud Classical)

With Anna-Maria Maak (piano) and
Sef Albertz (composer & Arranger)

"A great composer, a fantastic interpreter, a powerful work!"
(Kristjan Järvi, conductor)



"Great performance, full of 'fuoco' and great musicality. Bravo Sef...!"
(Marlos Nobre, about the world premiere of his
Guitar Sonata Opus 115
that Sef Albertz played
on November 9th 2016
in a Leipzig sold-out concert)



"...the way to 'communicate'...very attractive...the interpretation ...undoubtedly extraordinary!"
(Leo Brouwer about the premiere of his Sonata 'Mitología de las Aguas',
dedicated to Sef Albertz,
who played the first performance and made the first recording of the work on his CD 'Con Guitarra!')



“Sef gathers that vast spectrum of the human spirit that allows, in Art, to confront and fraternize
tradition with the audacious
of contemporaneity
to create a cosmopolitan vision of Venezuelan identity”

(Alirio Díaz, Venezuelan Musician) 

“The deepest rivers flow with the least sound.
Still waters run deep”

This old Latin proverb can aptly describe the relevant, distinctive and multifaceted artistic personality of



After carrying out his studies in music and electronic engineering in his native Venezuela, ALBERTZ moved in 2000 to Germany, where he completed his artistic postgraduate studies as a composer and guitarist with outstanding results.



Meetings with composers such as Leo Brouwer, Luis de Pablo, Marlos Nobre, Mauricio Kagel, Hans Werner Henze, Krzysztof Penderecki, among others, have involved SEF ALBERTZ already as an interpreter and/or arranger of their works.



With over 100 works written, ALBERTZ’s own compositional output includes solo, chamber, electroacoustic and orchestral music. Some relevant (recent) compositional works:

• ‘Con ecos de otras voces, desde lejos, desde muy lejos
Premiere: Spanish Music Festival of Cádiz, 2018 

• ‘The Place of the Resplendences
Premiere: Leipziger Stadtbibliothek 2018

• ‘Piano Concerto
Premiere: MDR Festival of Lights 2016, Leipzig

• ‘Southern Lights’ for Piano, BigBand & Orchestra
(MDR Commission)
Premiere: MDR Festival of Lights 2016, Leipzig

• ‘Ciaccona’ (after Bach), for Piano & String Orchestra
Premiere: MDR Festival of Lights 2016, Leipzig

• ‘Danza, Escena & Joropo’, for Solo Piano
Premiere: Leipzig Steinway Klavierhaus 2015

• ‘La noche juega, sin palabras, en la mirada
for Violin, Cello, Piano & Percussion
Premiere: German National Library 2013

• ‘Azul-Luz en la estación’, Fantasia for Guitar & Orchestra
Premiere: Opening of the Festival ‘Con Guitarra!’ 2011, Leipzig

• ‘Songs without words’ (after Mendelssohn)
for Guitar & String Orchestra
Premiere: Gewandhaus zu Leipzig
during the Mendelssohn-Festtage 2009 



The music of SEF ALBERTZ has been performed in Brazil, Chile, Cuba, England, Germany, Holland, Luxembourg, Portugal, Spain, Sweden, Venezuela, etc.


Other interests...or the same thing?

As founder and artistic director of ‘Con Guitarra!’ (“A fine Festival…a Jewel”, LVZ Leipzig), ALBERTZ has created a multimedia project, an exciting artistic concept, where his talents as a musician (performer & composer) designer (sound, video & media), photographer and dramaturge have found a perfect space to be developed together, intrinsically.
He’s also literary active with several poetry books and essays on diverse topics of modern art.



In the own words of SEF:
“everything in my life is a composition, a creative process that always brings in itself something beautiful, deep and stimulating at the same time. It’s my ‘life maxim’. So, quite consciously, I can say that I’m in a full-time occupation. Composing is my passion”.



The compositional projects of SEF ALBERTZ have been commissioned and sponsored by national and international institutions such as:
• Central German Broadcasting
• Festival de Música Española de Cádiz
• Gesellschaft für zeitgenössische Musikvermittlung e.V. (Germany)
• Instituto Cervantes (Spain)
• Kulturstiftung des Freistaates Sachsen (Germany)
• LARA Foundation for Culture, FUNDALARA (Venezuela)
• Leipzig Kulturamt
• MDR Leipzig Radio Symphony Orchestra
• The Council of Andalusia (Spain)
• UNESCO, etc. 


Sounds & Beat

The creative work of ALBERTZ is recorded on several CD albums:
Con Guitarra! (With Guitar!, 2011)
Infancia (Childhood, 2012)
Hommage (Tribute, 2013)
Seasons (2015)
Platero & Ich (Platero and I, 2016) 


Immediate future

Upcoming projects include the first worldwide publication of two new CD productions with his pianistic oeuvre (‘Resplendences…’ & ‘…In the Secret of the World’) and the DVD production ‘Other Nuances’.
All these projects together with his long-time artistic accomplice, the German pianist Anna-Maria Maak, with whom SEF ALBERTZ creates an artist couple that reconstructs the tradition of musical collaboration, as once did 'Clara and Robert Schumann' or ‘Yvonne Loriod and Olivier Messiaen’, but in their own particular way. According to Estonian-American conductor Kristjan Järvi:
“A great composer...a fantastic performer...a powerful work!”



„Elogio del silencio”
(Electroacoustic Music)

Suite „Homenaje a Joan Miró”
for Guitar

„Las miradas del transeúnte”
for Guitar

3 Sonates (I, II & III)
for Guitar

Suite für Solo Mandolin

„2 Pieces”
for Harp

„Música Real Para la Corte del Pequeño Príncipe”
(Música I, for Guitar)
(Música III, for Piano)

„Ich ruf zu dir, Herr Jesu Christ” & „Ciaccona”
(after Bach)
for Piano

„The Place of the Resplendences”
(for Anna-Maria Maak)
for Piano

„Suite Venezolana”
for Piano

for Piano



„Con ecos de otras voces...”
for Flute, Clarinet, Piano & Percussion 

„Impresiones V, sobre un leve espacio”
for mixed Choir

„Cuatro Canciones de Miguel Hernández”
for Baritone & Guitar

„De los pensamientos que viajan”
for Children Choir & Piano

for String Quartet

„Música Incidental”
for Voice, Strings & Percussion

„Y entonces, algunas veces...”
for Percussion Ensemble

„El Lunes...Un Instante...El Miércoles”
for Woodwind Quintet

„Des Danses, el Azul, in a Story”
for 2 Violins

„Música Real Para la Corte del Pequeño Príncipe”
(Música II, for Cello & Piano)

„La noche juega, sin palabras, en la mirada”
for Violin, Cello, Piano & Percussion

„Quinteto de Paz”
for Guitar & String Quartet



„Guitar Concerto”
for Guitar & String Orchestra

(First concertante works for 3 Guitars
written in Venezuela)

„Azul-Luz en la Estación”
for Guitar & Orchestra

„Pavana & Fantasía”
(after Antonio Lauro)
for Guitar & Orchestra

(after Mendelssohn)
for Guitar & String Orchestra

für Piano & String Orchestra

for Piano & String Orchestra

(after Bach)
for Piano & String Orchestra

(after Piazzolla)
for Piano & String Orchestra

(*) also available in version with string quartet

"An excellent guitarist and composer...
A great artist"

(Marlos Nobre | Brazilian Composer)



CD, LP & Streaming | 2018 
Pianist Anna-Maria Maak plays world premiere recordings
of original & arranged music by Sef Albertz. 

"...a fruitful collaboration between
pianist Anna-Maria Maak and composer Sef Albertz
...entirely committed to modernity...
with impressive sovereignty...masterly virtuosity
and intimate empathy...as well as innovative ideas"

(Magazine PIANONews 3-2019)

"...an enrichment of contemporary piano music"
Prof. Volkmar Lehmann
(Dir. Em. Institute for Piano, University of Music Weimar)

„A great composer...a fantastic performer...a powerful work!”
(Kristjan Järvi, conductor)

„A dramaturgical [and] skillful connection to a fascinating musical world, an exquisite combination of progressive and traditional, jazz and funk, Mediterranean temperament and profundity“
(MDR Press)



'An Andalusian Elegie'

Anna-Maria Maak (Narration & Piano)
Sef Albertz (Guitar)
Texts: Juan Ramón Jiménez
Music: M. Castelnuovo-Tedesco


SEASONS (2015)

Sef Albertz & his guitar students
(Including world premiere recordings of works by Sef Albertz)
„a so interesting and professionally conceived CD recording...a valuable medium to share and to expand creativity with others”
(Torgauer Zeitung)


HOMMAGE (2013)

Double Album including
world premiere recordings.
Music by J. S. Bach, Schumann, Mendelssohn & Sef Albertz. 

Anna-Maria Maak (Piano),
Sef Albertz (Guitar) & Strings from MDR Sinfonieorchester



Double Album of Anna-Maria Maak 
with world premiere recordings
of Piano works by Sef Albertz.
Also including Ibero-American
Piano Music by H. Villa-Lobos,
A. Estévez, F. Mompou, M. Moleiro,
X. Montsalvatge, F. Ruíz,
A. Roldán & Astor Piazzolla



Duo Albertz plays world premiere recordings of new Ibero-American Music for Flute & Guitar.
All compositions written for and dedicated to Sef Albertz
by Leo Brouwer (Cuba), Carlos Cruz de Castro (Spain), Diego Feinstein (Argentina) & Marlos Nobre (Brazil)



Duo Albertz plays traditional and contemporary Ibero-American
Music for Flute & Guitar
including  lyrical & virtuoso
compositions from Cuba, Argentina, Brazil & Venezuela

“Sef is a role model, an example to emulate…
He is not only a great promise of Venezuelan music,
but also a great composer and a fine interpreter to whom I admire greatly!”

(Alirio Díaz | Venezuelan Musician)


Sef Albertz
c/o Florentyn Music
Littstr. 9 HH, 04103 Leipzig


Florentyn Music
Phone: +49 (0) 341 9 27 78 00

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